Self Love & Mental Health


The self love movement initially may have been viewed by many as another hippie way of life, and perhaps something to be scoffed at. After all, most people don’t hate themselves, and often times we consider ourselves not only tolerable to others but perhaps sometimes even a bit above others. This type of self love could easily be mistaken for arrogance though, which is not at all what it implies.

To love someone else, you first need to love yourself. This may be a difficult concept for some to grasp, but it’s important to take care of not only yourself physically, but also mentally as well.

Eating the right foods to nourish our bodies, and keeping fit and active to keep our cardiovascular and skeletal system alive and well is one thing, but denying yourself time to relax in your spare time and reflect on who you are as a person in turn can actually end up taking a toll on your body physically as well.

Make time for yourself. Every day, take a moment to do something that truly makes you happy — whether it be journalling, meditating, relaxing with a good book, playing video games, or even just taking a short solo car drive. Remember to occasionally treat yourself and splurge just a little bit when you feel that you deserve something special. Celebrate YOU and your well-being, because only you are in charge of your own true happiness.

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